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Physiotherapy Programming & Fitness Training

George Rehab Services provides superior multi-disciplinary rehabilitation services in a timely and cost-effective manner that optimizes client recovery and success. We provide community-based rehabilitation support services for individuals with complex orthopaedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, and/or acquired brain injury. We help our clients find joy in their lifestyle and activities beyond the gym. We support meaningful activities and adaptive sport.

Casey George, founder, and principal rehabilitation therapist, kinesiologist, BHK, CK.

Physiotherapy Programming and Fitness Training
Communication and Behaviour Therapy Programming

Communication & Behaviour Therapy Programming

Developing a positive mindset requires attention and focus, reflection, and planning. Mindfulness supports transformation. We assist our clients in goal identification related to issues of self-esteem, identification, and communication of personal feelings. We help to develop, instruct, and implement productive daily routine programs for individuals with acquired brain injuries. We also attend supportive counseling meetings with individuals and psychologists in order to facilitate communication and awareness of issues that arise within the community and social settings. 

Life Skills Training & Community Reintegration

Teaching and supporting activities of daily living, social skills, self-awareness, and coping abilities to help our clients improve confidence and maximize independence. Our focus is on community reintegration to support our clients in accessing and utilizing venues within the community that facilitate the maintenance of physical gains allowing individuals to continue to make therapeutic progress in a recreational context. Life skills training assists in the maintenance and enhancement of social skills, self-awareness, and coping abilities.

Life skills training and community reintegration
George Rehab | Educational & Vocational Support

Educational & Vocational Support

Developing and implementing strategies for academic success including liaising with instructors, tutors, and government agencies. Developing and instructing individuals in the effective utilization of assistive technology aids including digital cameras, video cameras, iPhones, Smart Phones, and laptops. Participating in continuing education programs, team meetings, and case conferences to support our clients with their education or with their vocation.

Pain Management

We help our clients to understand the complex nature of pain and the many methods that may be used to effectively manage their symptoms, by incorporating a holistic approach in developing a treatment plan. Community-based rehabilitation to promote re-integration into life after a traumatic injury. We work with individuals who have had spinal cord injuries, concussions, who have suffered a catastrophic injury or require stroke rehabilitation. We believe that everyone has infinite potential for rehabilitation and personal growth, and we work our clients to find a treatment plan that is right for them.

George Rehab | Pain Management

George Rehab is your community rehab team. We help people with acquired brain injuries, or complex orthopaedic injuries actively rehabilitate and reintegrate into their communities to live their best life.  

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